How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost?

Unfortunately, wisdom teeth don’t give us bouts of wisdom. Instead, it causes several dental problems and compromises oral health if not extracted. Wisdom teeth were helpful for our ancestors as they tend to consume raw meat and plants. Today, we eat cooked foods that are easier to bite and chew. Besides, our jaw is small in size compared to our ancestors. This is one of the major reasons why wisdom teeth do not get enough space on the jawline to erupt completely in the right position.

While wisdom teeth serve a purpose as a backup set, in many cases, they are extracted because of problems it can cause. If your dentist advises to remove your wisdom teeth, you may be worried about the wisdom teeth removal cost Melbourne.

How much does Wisdom teeth removal cost in Melbourne?

The cost of wisdom teeth extraction depends on several factors and here are they:-

The complexity of the case

The more complex your case is, the more you can expect to pay. It would not cost much for a simple wisdom tooth extraction. On the other hand, if your wisdom teeth are severely impacted, then wisdom teeth removal cost is likely to be higher. Usually, the wisdom Teeth removal Melbourne is carried out in the dentist’s office under a local anaesthetic. For complex cases, it takes time to remove the wisdom teeth, and you may need stitches to close the wound.

Experience of the dentist

The experience of the dentist impacts the wisdom teeth removal cost. Moreover, the number of teeth removed also affects the cost of wisdom teeth removal. Some dentists offer a discount if you are removing all four wisdom teeth in a single sitting.


You may be surprised to learn that location affects the wisdom teeth removal cost. But it is true. If you are living in a developed city like Sydney, you need to pay more as it is one of the most expensive cities to live in. There is no wonder dental practice in and around developed cities is likely to incur higher overheads premises rental, dental tools and technologies, staffing costs, etc. Mostly, these costs are passed on to the patient.


The type of sedation you choose influence the cheap wisdom teeth removal Melbourne. While local sedation is enough, you could still choose various anaesthetic options such as general Anaesthesia, IV sedation, oral sedation, and nitrous oxide to make yourself comfortable and relax throughout the procedure.

As you see, these are the factors that influence the cost, and it is possible to roughly calculate how much does it cost to remove your wisdom teeth in given any case. Speak to your dentist and get the exact quote.