An External Substance Being Introduced Into The Body

An External Substance Being Introduced Into The Body


There is something odd about the things that people adopt in order to cover up what really happened and when we take a deeper look into things, we can never find out about the things that actually happened and the truth is never there most of the time. So what do we do when things like this presents itself in front of us, do we simply let time reveal the truth for us and while we patiently wait for that to happen, or do we take matters into our own hands and make sure that the truth comes out in any manner possible. The answer is quite simple, we do nothing. Most cases, whether they are drug cases like steroid injection into an athlete in a 100 metre sprint in the Olympics or a serial killer’s murder scene that is as complicated as conducting brain surgery on a person with Hemophilia A or any of that sort. In any of these investigations, the answer would be very close and when the conclusion is about to hit the table, something new comes up and we did not anticipate and that makes the conclusion far from close. That is why doing nothing will help time resolve all that needs to be resolved and work out the conclusion on its own.

The Arbitrary Rule

When we use language as a medium to help us communicate between fellow human beings as well as the things around us from animal to the alleged world beyond, then there is something that should be an arbitrary line drawn somewhere to which there needs to a medium through the very medium of language has to be passed by.

An External Substance Being Introduced Into The Body

‘This medium is called the various modes through which language works like the different languages that we have access to in the world. The same way when things like drugs have to be legislated and be transmitted to the people like the pharmaceutical steroids for sale there has to be some kind of a medium that needs to be established and unfortunately that too needs legislation in order for it to work.


Ideally, there are things in the world that should be considered as inappropriate and there are things in the world that should be made inappropriate in order for the other things that are the real culprits that should be covered up in order for the things that people want to be existing to continue to exist as the eyes of everyone else is turned on the rest of the needlessly non-lethal things that should be considered as nothing more than a bottle of aspirin or ibuprofen. That is the real problem with the world.