Ways to Prepare For the Use of the Hypobaric chamber

When you think of using a hypobaric chamber, it may seem like all you need to do is walk into the chamber, work out or sit in there for a while then walk out. Well, it may be that way but you need to note that you will be in a high oxygen zone with pressure changes that may be a shock to your system. You need to consider several things as you prepare for your experience in the hypobaric chamber.

The duration you will be in the chamber

It is important for you to be psychologically prepared for the time you will be in the chamber. It may be longer than you think especially if the reason you are in the chamber is for health reasons. If you will be preparing for a long distance race in high altitude regions, it is important for you to plan your time in the chamber so that you can test your resilience better.

Cover wounds before going into the hypobaric chamber

If you have any wounds, it is important for you to have them properly bandaged before entering the hypobaric chamber. This way you will not interfere with the wound during your exercises. The aim of the hypobaric chamber, if it is to help with healing, is to instigate healing from within. Blood circulation improves when one uses a hypobaric chamber and this may have a negative effect to exposed wounds.

Hypobaric chamber

Know what items are not allowed in the room

For example, if you are a smoker, you will not be allowed to smoke or carry your lighter in the room. It is not only fair for the next user if you are using a facility outside your home, but it is also dangerous considering the concentration of oxygen in the room. This room is highly flammable and this why you are restricted from using petroleum products, make up and perfumes before entering the hypobaric chamber. Items such as wigs, hearing aids, matches and contact lenses are also forbidden in the chamber.

Dress appropriately especially if you suffer from claustrophobia

People who are claustrophobic may have difficulty in using a hypobaric chamber. It is therefore important for such a person to dress in loose fitting cotton clothes. Tight clothes will only make the person more anxious. If possible, use a big hypobaric chamber to reduce the feeling of the walls closing in. It is also important to use decongestants as it is possible that the decongestion of the nose and ears with further heighten the anxiety of a claustrophobic.


One way for you to enjoy your time in the chamber is to bring something to occupy your time. If you are exercising, bring a stationary bike. If you love reading, bring a book or even video games.