Some Health Benefits of Consuming Coffee

Some Health Benefits of Consuming Coffee

You can rarely find an average adult who doesn’t need a coffee to start the day. Coffee is the morning treat in most of the households. An average household in Australia used to spend 60cents in the 1970s and after three decades, it is around 5 Australian dollars. Most of us shun coffee thinking it is unhealthy, but studies prove that consuming coffee has its own health benefits. Coffee is taken in many forms like black coffee, cold coffee, and nowadays the health benefits of green coffee are a subject for research. Some firms like Drnkcoffee are committed to providing best quality coffee for the consumers. Here we can take a look at some of the health benefits of taking coffee.

Rich source of antioxidants

Coffee is a good antioxidant. Consuming coffee after breakfast helps to enhance the metabolism of the body, but taking coffee with an empty belly may cause acidity among some people. Research shows that a couple of coffee cups contain antioxidants equal to a handful of berries. Coming to the western diet, it is believed that people gain the same number of antioxidants from a cup of coffee than a meal that contains fresh vegetables and fruits. Coffee protects your body from free radicals that damage the metabolism effectively and thus it can be called as an efficient antioxidant.



Coffee is effective in fighting depression as well. Around 15% of women who suffered depression experienced some positive changes after starting the consumption of coffee. On the other hand, women who have the habit of consuming coffee are observed resistance to 50% of the risks related to depression. Coffee helps the release of dopamine into the brain, which helps to fight depression and helps to rejuvenate your mind. On the other hand, caffeine stimulates the release of oxytocin, which helps to enhance the feeling of positivity.

Prevents aging and type2 diabetes

Coffee is a rich source of antioxidants, which enhances memory and body metabolism. If the body mechanisms work well, the signs of aging and obesity can be prevented. Type 2 diabetes is mainly caused by obesity and coffee helps you out to prevent type2 diabetes. Cafes like Drnkcoffee help you out to choose your own healthy cup of coffee. Taking a coffee in the evenings prevent negative thoughts and suicidal tendencies. On the other hand, coffee prevents signs of aging and enhances longevity. Research says that coffee works to fight depression and enhances longevity among women.

Enhances memory

Coffee is helpful to enhance the memory. A research conducted on a few people and they were asked to memorize some images. One group of people given placebos and the other group were given caffeine tablets. People who were given caffeine tablets performed better in the task when compared to people who consumed placebos.

Prevent Liver diseases and Alzheimer’s disease

Coffee enhances the active functioning of brain and liver. Thus helps the prevention of liver cirrhosis and Alzheimer’s disease. Research done on around 5 million people sustains this statement. But taking black coffee is suggestible for the well being of your liver instead of adding sugar or other beverages to coffee.