Reasons Why Cryotherapy Is Becoming More Common Than Ever

Reasons Why Cryotherapy Is Becoming More Common Than Ever

A very basic home remedy, ice treatment has been in use since history. Whether it is a muscle ache or a tooth ache, that part of the body is treated with a pack of ice wrapped in a piece of cloth. While this is how the traditional remedy would work, there’s a whole new take on the ice therapy. This is called the whole body cryotherapy. You’d get to see many athletes getting this therapy. However, since a lot of commoners have started getting cryotherapy as well, there are a few things you should know about it before you want to get it.

  • Cryotherapy is used as a therapy to reduce inflammation and pain. Whether you take an ice bath or get cryotherapy through a cryotherapy booth, both work to deal with inflammation and pain.
  • When we talk about the cryotherapy booths involved in the process of cryotherapy, there’s a bit of difference from the traditional ice therapy. These booths make use of liquid nitrogen-chilled air. This chilled air can significantly decrease the temperature up to -110C. This makes the time of exposure really short for cryotherapy booths. Ice baths are 4-10C chilled and you would spend about 20 minutes to feel relieved. However, in a cryotherapy booth, you would just need to spend about 4 minutes.


  • When you are in a cryotherapy booth, the temperature of your body falls and promotes a quick recovery from pain and inflammation. This restricts the blood flow because of the shrinking of the capillaries. This is why, the blood flow would be restricted only to vital organs to keep the body alive. Once the body gets out of the cold temperature and comes back to normal, the heart rapidly pumps blood to every part of the body and delivers oxygen. This successfully sends blood and oxygen to the damaged tissues as well and reduces inflammation and pain in that region.
  • When you plan to get into the cryotherapy booth, you have to know that there are some risks involved. However, that can be taken care of and nothing is too serious. You need to make sure your body is completely dry before you step into the booth. The presence of water or moisture on any part of the body can freeze the skin and cause frostbite.
  • Cryotherapy is not just for athletes or people who are having a condition of inflammation or pain. If you work in hot temperatures and exert a lot of pressure on your body, you can also opt for cryotherapy or an ice bath. This will expose your body to cold temperatures and help your body feel relieved.

These are the basics that would help you know if you would want to go for a cryotherapy or not. For more details, please visit