Uses of the natural herb – The Withania Somnifera

Uses of the natural herb – The Withania Somnifera

It is true facts that people have resorted to additional supplements to improve their health. They have mostly stopped researching on what kind of nutrients they need for their body. They are purely shifting their dependence on the supplements that are available in the market. But, the people have their preferences in this section as well. They are not using any kinds of manmade chemicals as such. They are being very careful when they are choosing their drugs. They are mostly preferring the natural herbs which provide the nutrients rather than the chemicals. One such natural drug plant is the ashwagandha plant.  Indian ginseng, poison gooseberry, or winter cherry is its other common names. Withania Somnifera is the scientific name of the plant. This plant is a common Indian plant which is very widely used in the ayurvedic treatment.

Here are some of the benefits that ashwagandha provides the world with:

  • It is used to lower the sugar levels in the blood:

High blood sugar levels have become one of the most common problems, not only in India but also around the world. People are taking in many capsules and drugs to cure themselves of this problem. But, the main issue with these chemicals is that too much usage of the chemicals is also not very good for the body. After realizing this point, people have started option for better solutions like using the ayurvedic herbs. This particular herb helps people to lower their blood sugar levels. It is found to affect the hormone which secretes the insulin and increase the insulin production by the body. It also tends to increase the sensitivity of the muscle cells of the body.

  • The anti-cancer properties possessed by the herb:

The main feature of this particular herb is that it is believed to possess the anti-cancer properties. It is of the reactive oxygen species generation. This kind of species is considered to be toxic to cancer-causing cells. There were also cases which were recorded, where this particular kind of herb has cured 70- 80% of a tumour which caused cancer.

  • Helps in the reduction of stress and social anxiety:

In this world where there is increased work stress and social anxiety, the use of these kinds of herbs is common. The person might be facing a lot of stress and anxiety. This kind of stress will most of the times be cured naturally as time passes by. But, in some people, it will keep increasing exponentially. This is really very harmful. At such times, the use of these kinds of herbs is very essential. They influence the hormone which is responsible for releasing the chemicals.

Therefore, this particular herb has got many different kinds of uses. The research on this herb is not yet complete. Once more thought is put in, more advantages will pop up as well. Then, people will start using it more and more.