Hernia during the course of pregnancy- How you can deal with it.

Hernia does appear to be a recurring problem though a minor one when you are pregnant. It is a condition where an internal organ moves out of space where it normally contained. They are a loop of intestine that protrudes towards the muscle space in the muscle of your abdominal wall.

You cannot do something major in order to prevent hernia from developing during pregnancy. For a woman who has gone on to have several pregnancies they are at a great risk of hernia developing in comparison to their first pregnancy. If a lady has triplets or twins the chances of hernia does increase considerably


If you go on to have a lump or swelling in the region of your abdomen during pregnancy it would be better to discuss with your doctor about it. In case of some women in spite of it being visible the hernia does appear to be painless. The hiatal hernia pregnancy symptoms may ensure that some women do face a slight sense of discomfort at the site of the hernia. This could be when you sneeze or cough as well as lifting something heavy.

The serious problem that could spring up with hernia would be that if the loop of the intestine would get caught in the abdominal wall and prone to twisting. It can cut off the supply of blood to the section of your intestine and then obstruct the bowels. This symptom could cause tiredness or considerable pain at the site of the hernia. If the pain does become unbearable do seek advice of a medical doctor at the earliest.


The best course of treatment as far as hernia is concerned would be surgical repair of the abdominal wall. It is a simple process, but very rarely you would find it undertaken when you are pregnant. For a woman they are asked to wait for a few months after pregnancy to repair it surgically. Some doctors may ask a woman to wait till the moment she no longer wants to be pregnant.

If the hernia does face up to strangulation, the doctor could go on to push the bowel back in its correct place so that you can delay the surgery till the baby is born.

If you are facing pain or sneezing help can be assured by supporting the hernia. You can rely on your hand so as to press the hernia if you feel cold or sneeze occurring. During the duration of pregnancy you need to keep away from lifting heavy weights. In some cases you might have to wear a belly band before pregnancy.

Hiatal hernia

Hiatal hernia during pregnancy is a different type of hernia that develops during the point of pregnancy. The symptoms of pregnancy could worsen if you develop this type of hernia. The major symptom of this hernia would be acid influx along with heartburn. In terms of treatment you can opt for smaller meals during the day.