How Long Do Skin Fillers Last?

There are different types of skin treatments available to get rid of the wrinkles and fine lines of your face. The skin filler treatment has become really popular currently. However, before you can opt for it, you should know how long do dermal fillers last. This will determine whether you should opt for it or opt for other treatments or not at all. Apart from wrinkles and fine lines treatment, the hard-dermal fillers are used extensively as lip injections for lip jobs. Here too you should always know beforehand how long do lip injections last. The longevity of the dermal fillers depends on multiple factors.

Factors Determining the Longevity of Dermal Fillers –

Dermal Fillers Type – There are different types of dermal fillers available like soft, mild, and hard. There are different substances used in the dermal fillers. The formally recognized types are HA filler, CaHA filler, PMMA filler, PLLA filler, and autologous fat filler. Out of them, the HA or Hyaluronic acid fillers are the most popular as the acid is a naturally occurring substance in the skin.

If you opt for HA dermal fillers, it’s likely to last from six months to a year before the skin absorbs the filler after breaking it down slowly. CaHA dermal fillers can last slightly more than a year and the substance in it which is Calcium Hydroxyapatite, it’s also a naturally occurring substance in the skin.

On the other hand, the PMMA and PLLA fillers are synthetic, and the first question that pops up is how long do dermal fillers last for the synthetic type. First of all, they are thicker than the natural dermal fillers. Their longevity is higher than the natural ones.

However, if you’re looking for fillers that can last the longest, the autologous fat injections are the best. They are made out of fat harvested from the specific body area of the patient. But the drawback of this type is that it requires a surgical operation.

Filler Amount – By common sense, the greater the amount of filler injected in the treated area, the longer it will last. However, it does not depend on your budget but on the dermatologist or cosmetologist as they will determine the maximum limit possible to inject. It’s important to mention that the longevity of the dermal fillers also depends on the brands even though the fillers can be of the same type.

Treatment Area – If the treatment is done on the area where movement is greater on a regular basis, naturally, the dermal filler will not last for long. However, on the forehead, chin or nose, it’s going to last longer as the movement in those areas is not that much daily. This also clarifies how long do lip injections last as the movement is the greatest in that region.

Besides, it can also depend on the patient’s skin and therefore, you should visit the dermatologist twice a year for touch-up treatment.