It is indeed true that pregnancy brings a new concept to beauty. It’s a period of immense joy where you rejoice and forget the world around you. But, pregnancy brings with it a lot of changes both positive and negative ones. While embracing the positive changes, most women fail to find relief from the negative changes that are part of it. Pregnancy massage plays a vital role in providing relief from a number of pregnancy related physical and emotional discomforts.

Pre-natal massage Singapore

This treatment method has proved to be highly beneficial in providing relief from some of the most common pregnancy symptoms like backache, joint pain, cramps, swelling, headache etc. It also helps in improving blood circulation and reduces anxiety and stress caused due to hormonal changes. Take away all the stress and pain by undergoing these pre-pregnancy massage treatments-

  • Pre-natal Relaxing massage: This therapy is recommended for expectant mums at 12-16 weeks of their pregnancy. It helps in tackle morning sickness and nausea. Tired muscles are soothed by this treatment method.
  • Pre-natal anti water retention program: Water retention causes bloated feet and back ache. This is the most popular treatment method to exfoliate your body and dispel water retention. The meridian point massage combined with Peranakan Jamu recipes will help in eliminating all kinds of discomforts by improving mood and detoxifying the body.

prenatal massage Singapore

  • Pre-natal facial treatment: a number of skin problems accompany with pregnancy. Pamper your skin with this relaxing and soothing facial treatment. Blotchy skin is quite common during pregnancy. Hormonal imbalance in the body leads to blocked pores and sebum build-up. This treatment method is guaranteed to get you a flawless and glowing skin. Two of the most popular facial treatment methods that fall under this category are-
  • Pre-natal hydra fresh facial- It is effective in clearing dead cells, refining pores and gives you a glowing skin.
  • Pre-natal anti acne facial: Effective against acne, pimples and blemishes caused by hormonal changes and poor blood circulation. Taking care of the skin during pregnancy has become quite easy with this relaxing treatment method.

Apart from all these, there is a lot more to expect from prenatal massage Singapore. Pregnancy is a blissful feeling but it can take you on an emotion roller-coaster ride. It is a condition where many mothers could not show their happiness of stepping into motherhood due to mood disorder. But all this and many more can be treated using pregnancy massage so that you can enjoy every moment of motherhood.