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More on the vape debate – Are electronic cigarettes better for your health?

Are electronic cigarettes actually safer than traditional cigarettes or are they the best way to get your children and teenagers hooked to this deadly habit which is linked with different heart and lung diseases including cancer? The tobacco researchers and the public health experts are all set to find out the results and till now the results which have come out are mostly mixed.

No matter their impact, they’ve already become extremely popular and there are several stores, both offline and online vape shops like which sells these devices to people located all over the country. However, you have to be of 18 years of age in order to be able to buy and in case you’re anyone under the age of 27, they will check your ID.

Knowing the basics of e-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are devices which are operated by a battery and which resemble a real cigarette or a cigarette pen. There are few which have got refillable tanks and they look a bit different from actual cigarettes. While there are ample brands in the market, most often they’re marketed as the best way to quit smoking cigarettes as they give you the feel of a normal cigarette. Here’s how they work.

stop smoking

  • They have got containers which are places to fill the liquid which is made with nicotine flavors and several other chemicals.
  • There is a device for heating which turns the liquid into vapor which you inhale when you take a dab of vape.

This entire process of using an electronic cigarette and taking in the vapor is called vaping.

How much are they safe for health?

Majority of the electronic cigarettes comprise of the chemical called nicotine which is the most addictive thing due to which people are not able to ditch their habit of smoking cigarettes. Whenever you begin to stay without cigarettes, you can suddenly go into the withdrawal method and start feeling crabby and depressed. You need to know that nicotine is never good for your health and it can even hurt your arteries.

Apart from nicotine, steer clear from those brands which include formaldehyde as this is yet another harmful material which is used in antifreeze and which can lead to cancer. Don’t use one which contains diacetyl which is a chemical that tastes like butter and which are often found in popcorn.

If you can avoid these chemicals and flavors while vaping, you can easily vape and yet not cause too much of harm to your health as against traditional cigarettes.