woman getting a head and shoulder massage

Reliefs for a headache using some techniques

In this busy and hectic life schedule, most of the people encounter stress in their life.  As there are various causes of headache, the stress due to the busy schedule makes a headache even worse. This can even make people develop headache in first place. Let us learn how to relax you and keep a headache under control. Quite, there are many ways to relax or to reduce the stress. Here are some techniques, which sufferers of the headache have found useful. Try to do this on each day to enjoy the stress-free life.


According to the recent research, having gentle massage can ease the frequency of a headache. In the study, people with a history of a headache who really have about 45 minutes of massage will affect greatly. This mainly thought that massage works by relaxing the tight muscles, which can trigger headaches and by reducing the sensation of stress and pain.

Breathing exercise

As mentioned earlier, massage gently reduces a headache, likewise the deep breathe can also prevent a headache. Just imagine some point below the belly button. Try to breathe into the spot, filling the stomach with air. Let the air fill your stomach, with every long try to slow breath you breathing out, you should feel as more relaxed.

head ache

Imagery relaxation

The wonderful technique called as mental imagery or guided imagery is a great way of relaxing and this actually coping better with pain and from stress. Try to be calm, and imagine some peaceful image in mind, such as clouds floating across the sky, or an amazing tropical beach scene. By imagining that image in your mind, try to hold that scene in your head like some sort of mental escape.

Listen to music

Actually, this technique commonly followed by most of the people. Combining the relaxation exercise with some kinds of favorite music in the background helps you to relax even better. Try to prefer the music, which gradually lifts the spirits else that you find calming and soothing.


Yoga actually has many health benefits. Among that, yoga really helps in curing headache. This is mainly because, yoga combines breathing, stretching, as well as a meditation exercises; by the way, this helps the person to feel relaxed.

In addition to the above methods, people can follow some regular exercise to get rid of a headache. Try to make use of this kind of useful information and acquire their benefits.