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Safety and health tips for mobile users while sleeping

In this modern lifestyle, the usage of android phones are common, because of this the risk factors also being increased. Nowadays, most of the people have the habit of sleeping with their mobile phone, they places either under the pillow or nearby their bed. People like about 45% of the mobile phone owners, who have to place their mobile phones very close to hand. When we look deeply into this to predict the reason, there comes numerous reasons, such as falling asleep after waiting for call or text from certain person, using mobile phone as the alarm clock, or just fear of missing important messages, or waiting long time for someone to post something on the social media. Whereas the reasons are very honest, most of the people unaware of effects while them sleeping close to their mobile phones. Due to the mobile radiation, affects most of the people. Try to consider some harmful effects of sleeping near cell phone.

Set your room on fire: Although, you might not believe initially, the cell phone has enough power to spark and to cause fire easily. Most of the people unaware of this fact, and still lots of people failed to trust the fact. Actually, the mobile radiation has the power to initiate the spark and thereby this can set your room on fire. When you are sleeping with the mobile devices under pillow or nearby you, the spark initiated by the cell phone can easily ignite dry materials nearby you and this start the fire right under the nose. So, try to avoid using your cell phone near you while sleeping.

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Reduction in sound sleep: One of the challenges on having turned on mobile device nearby you while sleeping, this is the mild sound, which can even interrupt the sleeping pattern. In order to feel refreshed and to rejuvenate on each day, there you have to get 6 hours of an uninterrupted sleep. Only then, the person can be active the next day. However, by using mobile phone while sleeping, people interrupted in their sleep and by that, they get only limited sleep.

Like this, the mobile radiation greater affects the people way and because of this they affected greatly. As this discussion offers great benefits to the users about serious effects on using the mobile phones while sleeping, always try to avoid using mobile phones and be safe while sleeping.