best yoga classes Hong Kong

Tips for Designing the Yoga Lesson Plan

Being a yoga instructor, it is very important that you provide the fun & enriching experience every time the students to take the class. Suppose your students aren’t getting most from every session, they might choose to find the teacher who provides them more value for their money. So, with that thing in mind, here’re a few tips for designing the yoga lessons Hong Kong plan that might help the teachers experienced and new alike to keep all their students interested and engaged.

Teach Your Students What They Wish to Learn

Main focus of every class must be on what your students want to learn. Whereas it might be very tempting to teach all of them what you actually think that they must know, this might cause your yoga class to tune out. When the students are learning out things, which are interesting, it’s more possible that they would like to eventually expand the knowledge base, and if you need more details visit Ikigai.

Tailor Lessons Cater to Various Skill Levels

You might run in the situation where a few people in the class are doing yoga for many years whereas others have started off. In a few cases, a person might choose to take the beginner class after having the extended break as way to get back in their routine. Thus, it is very important you cater to needs of a beginner and to those who might be dropping down one or two level to refine the skills.

best yoga classes Hong Kong

Keep Lessons Interesting and Fun

Best method way to keep the students to come back for more will be making every lesson fun and interactive. For a lot of people, yoga is one way of relaxation and meets others that share similar interest. It means you must design the course that gets everybody involved as well as feeling good whenever they enter building and when they leave after the class.

Teach Everybody Something New Every Class

Even though you can just incorporate the fun fact of yoga and teach new method to do the traditional pose, you must aim on teaching your class something totally new each time your group meets. People like to learn something interesting and new that they will share it with their friends and family members in future. 

Allow Time to Stretch Out Before Class

Yoga needs plenty of flexibility and ability to hold on what will appear to be an awkward pose for the long periods. To make sure nobody gets hurt, it might be the good idea you schedule some minutes to allow everybody to be warmed up in case they have not had any chance to arrive at the class.