Sleep apnea surgery

What is sleep apnea disease and what are their risk factors?

A disease that forms a breathing disorder including a sudden stop of breath and starts soon during sleep is known with the name sleep apnea disease. In this kind of illness patients always feel sleepy the days. He/she snore loudly and having restless sleep. For these patients, many medication centers have been opened all over the world. They give their best services and medication to the patients that help in decreasing their illness. Sudden breakage in-breath may happen due to blocked airway and also due to weak signals from the brain. To get sure about the illness a sleep apnea test is done that includes polysomnography. During this test, patients are hooked by equipment that observes their activities of the heart, lungs, and brain.

The movements of their arms and leg are also studied along with breathing patterns and levels of their blood oxygen while sleeping. In this disease patients unknowingly stop their breath several times during asleep. When the airways suddenly get opened and patiently take a deep breath after getting a signal from the brain, he wakened due to this mess and feel suffocation or knee sensation. If someone not gets treated at the right time it may convert into a serious disease after that only sleep apnea surgery is the last option. This kind of illness pushes the patient into severe depression or heart disease. A patient found himself wet all the time so that driving and other risky works are strictly prohibited to the patients. Sleep apnea disease is of three types:

Sleep apnea surgery

  1. Obstructive sleep apnea: A common kind of apnea disease is obstructive sleep apnea. It is flourishing in the body due to throat muscle relaxation.
  2. Central sleep apnea: This generates due to the slow passage of messages from the brain so that muscles could not get the signal of controlling breath in the body.
  3. Complex sleep apnea: A patient who is suffering from both obstructive and central sleep considered into complex sleep apnea.

Symptoms and risk factors: The symptoms of sleep apnea disease are many so that one can easily know about the illness. The most general sign is snoring. Everyone who is snoring doesn’t need to be suffering from this disease. The sudden stop and begin in breathing along with snoring is a symptom of a disease. Along with these problems, a patient may feel fatigue feel, restless sleep, memory loss, and headache most of the time. Due to sleep apnea disease, a patient may go through several risks like weight gain in the body. Their neck size also increases due to chock airways and high blood pressure. Whenever you feel these things in your body, go and consult with the doctor as soon as you can.