PiYo Exercises You Can Try at Home

In a world where illnesses are prevalent, there is no wonder why many people are abdicating unhealthy lifestyle in exchange for the freedom of living a longer life. It is proven that leaning to a healthy lifestyle can increase your longevity. The only challenge here is to keep up. Having the necessary endurance and discipline can surely make a difference at the end of the day.

You have to know that there are components of a healthy lifestyle namely nutrition, sleep, stress, and exercise. In this article, you will get to know one particular exercise program called PiYo. Physical exercise is important as it can enhance fitness and overall wellness. PiYo is a new program created by Chalene Johnson.

PiYo combines the disciplines of Pilates and Yoga. It is designed to lose weight, build strength and improve flexibility. This program is perfect for those who desire the mind-body benefits of pilates and yoga. It features 8-week exercise program that features low-impact workout without beating yourself to death. The best thing is that you can do this exercise in your living room.  You can buy PiYo’s DVD series through https://www.serresponsavel.com/. Just to give you an idea, here are some PiYo exercises you can try at home:

•    PiYo Flip: This kind of PiYo exercise will target your chest, shoulders, arms, abs, legs, and butt. Start with plank position on your mat. While planking, bend your right knee 90 degrees while lifting the right hand and bending the back. Do five to ten repetitions then switch legs to the opposite direction. Do also five to ten repetitions.
•    PiYo Cross: This exercise will target the inner and outer thighs, shoulders, back, butt and abs. Stand feet apart then squeeze your shoulder blades as you squat and do a dive. Do this fifteen times.
•    Runner: This exercise will target your hamstring, back, abs and butt. Bring your opposite knee and elbow up then hinge forward until your body is almost parallel to the floor. Alternate standing and horizontal position for ten to twelve repetitions. After that switch legs and repeat.
•    Connector: This will target your legs, butt, abs, chest, shoulders, and back. Start this exercise by moving to an inverted V position then cross left ankle over right while bending the elbows to lower your chest. This is called tuck position. After tuck position, press back up and straighten arms and extend left leg. Do this five times and switch to the other side.
•    Moving warrior: This will target legs, butt, abs, and shoulders. It will also feature variations of warrior positions. Stand legs apart and lift arms with palms together while facing forward. After that bend your left knee 90 degrees and bring the arms in warrior II position. Return to start position and bend the left knee again lowering the arms shoulder level. Do this twelve times and switch sides.