How to survive from prostate cancer

How to survive from prostate cancer

If you are suffering from prostate cancer it might remove or destroy the tumour completely. The process of treatment could be very stressful and full of anxiety as well.  The general notion that you might be keen to finish off the treatment, but somewhere at the back of your mind the chances of it coming back may be there as well. In case of some men, cancer may come back or spread to other areas of the body as well. Hormone therapies or a host of other treatment are prescribed so as to prevent cancer or reduce the impact of it considerably. If you are suffering from cancer and it simply refuses to go away could be a cause for concern and distressful at the same time. At the same time, life after the cancer treatment does involve making some lifestyle changes as well.

Follow up the schedule once the surgery is over

 Once after the prostate cancer treatment in India is over the doctor is going to observe you in a close manner. At the same time, it is really important that you attend the follow-up appointments. It is during the course of these visits the doctor may ask if the patient is suffering from any problem. At the same time lab or imaging tests may be conducted to figure out on how far cancer has gone on to spread as well. There are some side effects which might remain or even show off after considerable years have gone after the treatment. It is a good time to discuss with your doctor any issues that you are facing during the course of the surgery.

Discuss with your doctor about formulating a survival plan for you.  These need to include

  • A detailed schedule in terms of follow up and tests
  • Some tests that you are going to need in the future like early detection or test for other types of cancer. At the same time, you would need to figure out the long-term impact of cancer on your health as well.
  • The long-term side effects that could be expected from the surgery as well. Here you would be made aware of what you need to observe and when to get in touch with the doctor
  • Physical activity along with suggestions in terms of diet

Once the treatment is over the doctor is going to conduct PSA blood tests with rectal exams at a digital level and this is to check if the prostate has been removed. In most cases, this is going to start off a few months once the treatment is over. How far you would need to visit the doctor would depend upon the stage along with the type of cancer you are suffering from. In most cases, the doctor would ask you to go for this treatment once in 6 months during the course of 5 years. Imaging or bone scanning tests could also be done and this depends upon the medical situation you are suffering from.