Introducing, Top Dawg Seeds For Your Regular Needs!

Using cannabis whether for recreational or medicinal purposes has been the trend for the past decade. Top Dawg Seeds is one of the best sources of legit and verified Chemdog-approved strains if you want to grow your own in your garden. They are the creator of JJ’s Nigerian Haze, the Tres Dawg, and also the very popular Star Dawg. these are created by the breeder behind the Top Dawg Seeds who is Mr. JJNYC.

Top Dawg Seeds- Who Are They?

The Top Dawg Seeds have been building their reputation in order to give their clients access to legit and approved strains that they want to add to their gardens. JJ has been developing and creating new cultivars that are rare and highly sought after clones. Some of them are the Chem D, Chem 91, Nigerian Silk, Legend OG, and other rare classics.

According to Top Dawg, they started to have access to Chem Dog strains in 1992. The creator was getting the flower since ‘92 but he didn’t start growing them until he got the Chem D cut from Chem Dog himself. The Sour Diesel, on the other hand, was around 2000-2001 then he traded it to Chem Dog for the Chem D.

Top Dawg Nigerian Haze

The Nigerian Silk cut was passed on to Top Dawg in the early 2000s in New York City. This was also the time that he moved upstate so this is where most of the breeding process started. When JJ first started selling seeds, he put them on IC Mag because here, they give you seed credit instead of cash. He was able to gather about $1000 to $1500 seed credit so he got different varieties of Haze. He got an NL5/Haze so he decided to cross it with the Nigerian Silk and this is when the JJs Nigerian Haze started. He admitted that this is one of his original creations.


New Top Dawg Seeds For Your Garden! 

  • Sour Cherry. This is the result of Cherry Pie and Sour Dog and belongs to the 60/40 Indica. Its flower cycle is 56 to 63 days and the yield is expected to be above average. It is sold for $148.88 and you will get 11 seeds per pack.
  • Sour Chem 4. This is one of the Top Dawg Seeds and a product of Chem #4 and Sour Dawg. For $168.88, you will get 11 regular seeds per pack.
  • Sour Chem 1. For $168.88, you will get 11 regular seeds per pack and the Sour Chem 1 is a combination of Chem #1 and Sour Dog.

Why Choose Top Dawg Seeds?

When it comes to high-quality cannabis and the elite genetics, the Top Dawg Seeds is the first producer that would into everybody’s mind. If you are looking for something that can pique your interest, you better check out the strains from Top Dawg. If you like Haze, Chem, Sour Diesel, OG, Girl Scout Cookies, Bubba or Cheese, Top Dog has definitely something to offer you!