Post-operative period of knee surgery

Post-operative period of knee surgery

After the knee prosthesis application , the post-operative period is made up of several mandatory stages, which serve for a speedy recovery and the resumption of normal daily activities.

In the following, the classic recovery path will be described, after the implantation of a total prosthesis. However, it should not be forgotten that partial dentures require shorter healing times and that each patient is a case in itself knee replacement surgery.

Today, however, thanks to modern prostheses and advanced surgical technology, the situation has completely changed. In fact, the medical staff advocates the immediate resumption of movement (even on the day of the operation), to be carried out, obviously, with the help of crutches or a walker .

The hospitalization is, therefore, short (about a week) and serves as a precautionary measure. The greatest attention is paid to the sutured wound, to avoid infection.


The patient must use crutches, or the walker, for a long period of about 3-6 weeks. This is the time you need, the wound and respiratory muscle – ligament to heal and return to normal.

As long as walking is reduced, injections of anticoagulant (eg heparin ) are given to prevent blood clots from forming in the legs.

If the patient diligently follows the rehabilitation program and does not rush the times, the resumption of normal activities normally takes place after 3 months. Among the normal activities, sports practice is also included (maximum caution), with the exception of all those sports in which there is the danger of performing extreme movements or suffering falls. Therefore, it is not recommended, especially for younger patients, to practice football , skiing, horse riding, rugby, etc.

Full recovery takes one to two years: this is the time it takes for the scar and muscles to heal properly.

The following table summarizes the average times for returning to some of the most common daily activities.


The pain postoperative disorders is one that patients fear they more.However, it is a necessary step during the healing process, and it is normal to warn him. If you strictly adhere to the advice of your doctor and physiotherapists, the painful sensation usually ends in a short time.

A very similar argument also applies to the continuous feeling of tiredness . It too should not worry, as it is the natural consequence of a surgery, such as that of knee replacement. Tiredness will begin to fade as the wound and ligament tissue heal.