The Presence Of Synthetics In Hormone Dihydrotestosterone

Dihydrotestosterone is usually mistaken by people as a harmful hormone. It is in fact, a gift of Mother Nature to humans. It is mainly because of the reason that the hormone is linked and related to hair loss and many other conditions in the body. When present in the right quantity this hormone can even be considered an asset to men. Prostate issues are the other main reason why men are very sensitive about this hormone. There are a number of pharmaceutical companies that seem to have taken this fear as an advantage to them and have created a number of medicines that can help the regulation of the right amount of this hormone. The medicines are commonly known as DHT inhibitors and make a lot of money to these pharmaceutical companies. There are even testosterone boosters that are available in the market that inhibits DHT. This is done for a number of reasons including the increased levels of free testosterone. There are instances when pharmaceutical companies portray this hormone as a very bad thing. But it is not always true. One does not have to be scared or worried about this hormone when the levels are right in the body. A simple explanation about this hormone is that it is an androgen.

Components of this hormone

The word steroid that indicates this hormone is derived from the Greek language. This has the meaning, a solid three dimensional shape or form. These steroids are a type of organic compound which holds a chemical structure that is characterized by four cycloalkane rings in a particular arrangement. These rings are connected to one another chemically. There are at least twenty carbon atoms in these rings that are connected together. This results in the formation of a ring shape.

In order to known about the synthetic variation of dihydrotestosterone one should known about its chemical components in detail. There are also a number of different steroids. They normally do not have any function in the growth of muscles or the strength a man possess or with the athletic performance of that particular man in specific. There is a wrong notion that asteroids help in building muscles. But it is wrong and studies have shown that the steroid can even break down and destroy the muscle tissues making it even worse.

A person who wants to build his body takes in specified amounts of steroids can even result in bringing him to a worse shape than before. There are more than hundreds of types when it comes to steroids and steroidal compounds and are available in the pharmaceuticals all over the world. Usually people who work out use these compounds. These compounds are present in nature in things like fungi, animals, plants and even insects. They are synthesized in the cells of different organisms that are mentioned above. The other types of steroids that are available in a human body are esterogen, corsitol, testosterone, cholesterol and cholecalciferol. Cholesterol is known to be the best of the steroidal compounds that is used in synthesizing all the other steroids including dihydrotestosterone.